The de facto e-learning plugin for WordPress

Train-Up! is a new WordPress plugin for creating amazing e-learning content.

You'll have an e-learning site up in minutes, no coding skills required!

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Why Train-Up?

  • Are you frustrated with clunky e-learning software?
  • Do you want mobile friendly e-learning content?
  • Need more than just boring multiple choice questions?

Train-Up! offers all this and more. It is the easiest to use and most powerful e-learning plugin for WordPress courtesy of Gov.House.

What can it do?

It can create Training Levels or ‘Courses’ (whatever you want to call them). Then, you can create a bunch of Resources which must be studied and an optional Test. But this is just the beginning.

How does it work?

Unlike lots of e-learning WordPress plugins out there, you are not limited to just a list of multiple choice questions all on one page. With Train-Up! each question is a page. This means you could embed a video, or a flash game or some custom JavaScript and have your users be tested on the content they just consumed.

Creating questions is now even easier thanks to the built in rule-based system. You can create questions like this:

How many calories in an apple? ________

…and accept an answer between [n] and [m]. See the list of rules

Is it suitable for my organisation?

The Train-Up! concepts can be re-named to fit your organisation’s needs, and the software adapts right down to the post types and even the shortcodes themselves. For example, to display a user’s results, you could use either:


[passed_exam]Well done![/passed_exam]