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dalesman_logo_1Dalesman International LTD of Leyland have been distributing brands (like Garmin, LED Lenser, Veho and Timex) to leading outdoor retailers for over 15 years.

Dalesman have always prided themselves on providing a excellent customer service, and thanks to the innovative Train-Up! software platform they are now able to deliver informative product training to the retailers.

Dalesman utilize the Train-Up! e-learning WordPress plugin to create training levels tailored to different retailers. These levels contain engaging resources for the employees of the outdoor retailers to study; employees are then tested on their knowledge of the products they will be selling.

Train-Up! proves to be a flexible and efficient system for delivering training on a large scale; upwards of 5000 employees use the system.

Thanks to the statistics that Train-Up! provides, Dalesman are able to target high-achieving trainees and stores with prizes and offer incentives to improve performance.

Train-Up! is a great system for us to use, it allows the staff to get a base knowledge of the products they will be selling in their own time. This is much more efficient for us – now when we do store visits we can offer more advanced training. Some leading retailers are even incorporating this system into their initial staff training for new employees.