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Tin Can API

The Tin-Can API, aka The Experience API is a standardised way of recording a users learning experiences. These experiences get stored in what’s known as an LRS (Learning Record Store), the point of which is to allow a user’s learning progress to be associated with them, across multiple services.

To be clear – as a WordPress Plugin, Train-Up! does not require a third party LRS to function, it simply uses WordPress’ database to store information (See the Archive).

However, if you wish you can enable tracking of certain events within Train-Up! For example: When a Trainee completes a Test a Tin Can API Statement can be generated and sent to your LRS of choice.

Please note that the Tin Can API functionality within Train-Up! is a work in progress and requires more feedback from the community to mature.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 23

Example usage

From the above screenshot you can see that Train-Up! will send Tin Can API statements to your LRS of choice automatically. However if you wish to do this manually, or customise the information sent, you can do so easily.

// Convert the WordPress post to a Tin Can activity:
$test = Tests::factory(16)->as_tin_can_activity();

// Send the statement to the LRS
$statement->object = $test;