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The archive stores Trainee’s Test Results over time. This means that even if you were to delete a Test Result, you won’t actually lose their mark information – A Trainee’s performance is forever associated with them in the system.

The archive lets you:

  • See what tests a trainee has taken
  • See how many attempts at a test a trainee has had
  • See the actual answers a trainee made
  • See a line graph of the trainee’s performance over time
  • See a bar chart of how well the groups are performing for a given test
  • Download a CSV
  • Filter/reorder the archive

Trainee performance


Group performance

Screenshot of Group performance graph

Tin Can

The Tin-Can API, aka The Experience API is a standardised way of recording a users learning experiences. These experiences get stored in what’s known as an LRS (Learning Record Store), the point of which is to allow a user’s learning progress to be associated with them, across multiple services.

Development has already started on integrating this technology, but we require your feedback for more features.

For more information see the developer section