The de facto e-learning plugin for WordPress

Group managers

Group managers are a new user role for your WordPress installation.

Group managers have a subset of administrator permissions. They can view the Results of trainees who are in the Groups that they themselves are a manager of. Here is an example:

  • Joe Bloggs is in Group A
  • Fred Smith is in no Groups
  • Jane Jones is in Group D

As a Group manager of Groups A, B and C you have the ability to view both Joe’s and Fred’s test results but not Janes. This is because Joe is in Group A (and you are a manager of group A), and Fred is un-grouped meaning essentially that nobody is in charge of him.

Roles and capabilities

If you are looking for more granular control over what Group managers can do, there are filters available so you can customise their capabilities manually. Or, we recommend using the Members plugin.