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Trainees, Levels and Group managers can be put in one or more Groups. This does two things:

  1. Allows you to limit levels to a particular group(s) of trainees
  2. Allows group managers to see the results of trainees who are in groups that they are a manager of.

Optionally, control can be given to trainees themselves to choose which group or groups they are in. We understand this may not seem useful, but it is a requested feature. It is also possible to require that trainees choose a group(s) during the sign up process.


Think of groups as tags. You are essentially ‘tagging’ trainees. This is a flexible way of organising your trainees. For example:

  • Bob could be tagged with Semester 1, 2014 and Maths
  • Fred could be tagged with Semester 2, 2014 and Biology

If you were to do the above, you could then restrict the Level “Maths Level 1″ to all users tagged with Maths. So Bob could access it, but Fred could not (because he is studying Biology).

Group performance

The Archive feature shows which Group is performing the best for a given Test.