The de facto e-learning plugin for WordPress


Levels are a custom post type which are the entry point for Trainees to a collection of Resources and the optional Test.

Because levels are just a page, you can utilize WordPress’ menu_order property and nesting to create e-learning courses with a hierarchy of your choice. For example:

  • Geography (Level 1)
    • Volcanoes (Level 1.1)
    • Earthquakes (Level 1.2)

Restricting access

Access to levels can be limited to a subset of trainees by assigning it to one or more Groups. Additionally, you can specify one or more tests that a trainee must have passed before they are able to access it.


Training Levels have special ties with Resources, Tests and Test-results. Because of this, they can inherit some of the Level’s properties. For example: If you created a Training Level to teach Geography with two sub-levels Volcanoes and Earthquakes. You could easily set a Featured Image on the Geography Level, and its sub levels will display the same image unless they were assigned one themselves.



Available shortcodes for levels include:

[list_level_resources level=""]
[level_test_link text="View test »"]
[level_test_results_table limit="10" columns"avatar, rank, user_name"]