The de facto e-learning plugin for WordPress


Train-Up! comes with two built-in question types: Multiple choice, or Single-answer.

What makes Train-Up! so powerful is that you are not limited to just these two, through the use of add-ons you can add other types of questions to make your tests really interesting.

Question types

Built-in Add-ons
Single answer Fill in the blanks
Multiple choice Sort order
File attachments
[Your custom question type here]

Rule based system

For questions that require users to respond with a single answer, you can use the following rules:

  • Equal to
  • Greater than
  • Greater than or equal to
  • Less than
  • Less than or equal to
  • Contains
  • Between
  • Matches pattern

Pattern matching

To help with this, there is a Question-checker tool so you can see what a user must enter in order to get the question correct. Imagine the question:

What are the primary colours?