The de facto e-learning plugin for WordPress


Each Level gets its own resource post type, thereby giving you greater control over the assets associated with each level.

i.e. Instead of dumping all your e-learning content in WordPress > Pages, you get distinct sections (notice the breadcrumb trail in the screenshot below).

Because resources are just posts, they can contain any type of content that you want the Trainee to study before then starting the associated Test.

You can use the arrow keys navigate through training resources.


Resources can be scheduled to become available at a specific date/time. This allows you to ‘drip feed’ content to your users. You can even schedule content based on specific Groups, for example you may wish to release a Resource to Group A before Group B.

Resource scheduling screenshot

Resuming studying

When a user accesses a resource it is marked as visited so they can resume their position when studying.

Using the [list_level_resources] shortcode adds a class to each list item to allow styling of visited resources. Alternatively developers can use:

$trainee = Trainees::factory('');
echo $trainee->has_visited_resource(37);