The de facto e-learning plugin for WordPress


Whenever a Trainee finishes a Test, a Result post is created specifically for that user and will show up in their account. This can be thought of as their ‘certificate’. It can either be published instantly, or manually after the trainee’s answers have been reviewed.

Because results are just posts, administrators or Group managers can give special feedback to individual trainees. For example if Sally Smith is struggling with trigonometry then advice and feedback can be given specifically to her by editing their result post, or by leaving a comment on it.

The trainee’s answers are archived, and an answer-sheet its generated to quickly show which questions they got wrong.


To help with manually processing results, the plugin comes with a bulk-action emailer which lets you email one or more trainees, or even a whole group, or a batch of groups. The emailer also has shortcodes so you can personalise each email.

Manually marking

Sometimes it is not possible automatically mark a question (for example with Essays or File attachments). In such cases you may wish to manually set the percentage score a Trainee was given. To do this, just click their percentage:

Train-Up! Results meta box screenshot

Please note: If you do manually adjust a Trainee’s Result then the Marks Out-Of fields may become redundant.


Available shortcodes for results include:

[resit_test_link text="resit"]
[result_date format="jS M Y"]

Using the [archived_answers] shortcode displays some markup that is easy to style to your liking, here are the default styles:

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 20