The de facto e-learning plugin for WordPress


Train-Up! is highly configurable, but not overly complicated. Below are some of the options you can change.

  • The main slug at which the Train-Up! plugin resides, the default is /training
  • Turn on or off the built-in theme (which is only active when within the /training section, leaving your site design untouched)
  • Option to disable the built-in style sheets leaving you free to style our well structured markup with lots of useful classnames
  • Optionally upload an image for the header in the default theme
  • Set the title for the /training section
  • Choose singular and plural names for all Train-Up! concepts. These include: Levels, Resources, Tests, Trainees, Groups and Group managers
  • Alternatively allow login with email address instead of username
  • Choose to have test results published instantly, or pre-approved
  • Option for answers to be saved via AJAX for an improved user experience
  • Specify default content for when creating a new Level or Test. This is really useful in combination with the provided shortcodes.
  • Enter a default set of grades for all tests to have, or optionally specify the grades on a per-test basis.
  • Trainees can optionally choose which groups they are in.
  • Require that trainees choose a group during sign-up
  • Instant sign up (bypasses the ‘confirm your email step’)
  • Customisable email notifications for new trainee signups to the administrators and/or the trainee
  • Optionally have access to Resources locked-down when Trainees are taking a Test.
  • Option to be able to navigate Resources and Questions using the arrow keys
  • Option to have whitespace trimmed from Trainee’s attempted answers
  • For even more, see the developer docs