The de facto e-learning plugin for WordPress


Each Level may optionally have a Test and each test gets its own Question post type, thereby giving you the ability to create really dynamic questions.


Just like ‘real life’ tests, each one can be graded differently. For example: You may wish to have a simple Pass/Fail if a Trainee gets over 50%. But for other tests you may wish to offer ‘Pass with distinction’ if they were to do extra specially well.



Tests can be re-sat by users who do not pass first time. This is optional of course, and can be limited. Their re-sits are archived as well, but only their most recent attempt is available as a Result post viewable by the trainee themselves.

Time limits

Time limits can easily be enforced when Trainees are taking a Test. When the time is up, the Trainee’s answers will be submitted automatically.

A countdown timer can be display on the Test, (and its Questions) by using the relevant shortcode or by adding the classname tu-time-remaining to an HTML element.

Resetting a test

Just like in real life, once a test has been started, it would be unfair if you were to change it mid-way through. Therefore in Train-Up! you are not allowed to edit a Test when Trainees are taking it.

However, you do have the ability to ‘Reset’ the test. This is effectively the same as throwing away everybody’s test papers so that they have to start again. Obviously ill advised, but a useful feature in some circumstances.


Available shortcodes for tests include:

[start_test_link text="Start the test »" redirect_to=""]
[finish_test_link text="Submit my answers" redirect_to=""]
[test_time_remaining format="%h hours, %i minutes and %s seconds"]
[test_results_table limit="10" columns="avatar, rank, user_name"]