The de facto e-learning plugin for WordPress


A default theme is provided *within* the plugin itself. This means that you can use it on its own OR in conjunction with your existing sites’ theme without affecting it. The options are:

  • Use your existing theme for your site and the /training section
  • Use your existing theme for your site and use the built-in theme for the /training section
  • Use the built-in theme for your site and the /training section
[Any theme] Built-in theme Mobile
Example using Twenty Twelve theme Example using built-in theme Train-Up! Mobile learning example question


Special care has been taken to make sure that the markup generated by Train-Up! is as flexible as possible for WordPress developers, without including unnecessary styles and scripts.

Train-Up! templates can be overridden by creating files inside your theme folder.

This special theme might come in useful for developers who wish to have *purely* a training site, i.e. they only need the functionality provided by Train-Up! in the /training section. This is a recommended for getting an e-learning site up and running really quickly.