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LMS Comparison

Below is a table comparing WordPress’ most popular Learning Management Systems.

Train-Up! LearnDash Sensei WP Courseware
Price £ FREE ~47 ~77 ~40
Levels (aka Courses) Yes (Custom post type) Yes (Custom post type) Yes (Custom post type) Yes
Resources (aka Lessons) Yes (Dynamic custom post type / nestable) Yes (Custom post type) Yes (Custom post type) Yes (Custom post
Tests Yes (Custom post type / Re-nameable / Resumable) Yes (Quizzes) Yes (Quizzes) Yes (Quizzes)
Grades Yes (Customisable / Variable percentages) Yes (Customisable, only 5) Yes (Only 1 percentage) Yes (Only 1 percentage)
Re-sits Yes (optional and limitable) Yes (‘Repeats’, not actual re-sits) No No
Results (aka Certificates) Yes (Custom post type / instant or manual / +comments!) Yes (Custom post type) Yes (instant) Yes (instant)
Ranks (aka League tables) Yes (Overall, or per-test) Yes No No
Time limit tests Yes Yes No No
Reflection Yes (See which answers you got wrong / User-specific feedback) No No No
Questions Yes (Multiple Choice / single answer / rule based / custom questions) Yes (Multiple Choice) Yes (Multiple Choice, only 5 answers) Yes (Multiple Choice)
Archive Yes (Graphs / Detailed statistics / User’s answers) No Yes (Basic Statistics) Yes (Basic statistics)
CSV export Yes No Yes No
Trainees (aka Students) Yes (Dedicated role with full ‘My Account’ functionality) No Yes No
Groups Yes No No No
Group managers Yes No No No
Prerequisites Yes (Specify one or more tests that must have been passed) No Yes (Specify 1 prerequisite) No
Scheduling (aka Drip-feed) Yes (custom date(s) / per group basis) Yes (relative to course start date) No No
Bulk emailer Yes No No No
Theme Yes (Full theme built-in / optional) No No (Just styles) No (Invasive styles)
Mobile compatible Yes (Responsive) Yes (Depends on your theme) - -
Shortcodes Yes (Lots) Yes (Some) Yes (Some) Yes (Lots)
Localisable Yes (Comes with French, Dutch & German translations) Yes Yes -
Re-nameable concepts Yes No No No
Tin Can API (aka Experience API) Yes (Built-in & flexible!) Yes (Available via third party plugin) No No
Filters & actions Yes (Lots) Yes (Some) Yes (Some) -
Addons (aka Extensions) Yes (Free) Yes (Free) No No
Importer (Import quizzes) Yes (Moodle XML) No No No
Object oriented models Yes No No No
Outputs errors No Yes (Undefined variables) Yes (Undefined indexes) -