The de facto e-learning plugin for WordPress

Quick start guide

Train-Up! lets you add a training section to your website in minutes! This guide leads you through creating your first Training Level and giving it some Resources (for studying) and a Test. The guide assumes you already have a WordPress site.


  1. Download Train-Up!
  2. Open the plugins folder for your WordPress site
  3. Unzip the file you downloaded
  4. Log in to WordPress and go to the Plugins section
  5. Click Activate next to Train-Up!

You can now visit the training section of your website:

Creating your first Training Level

  1. In WordPress, click Train-Up! from the main admin menu
    Train-Up! main menu item screenshot
  2. Click ‘Add new’ next to the main title that says: Levels
    (Notice the level is pre-populated with some content, you can change this later if you want)
    Add new Level button screenshot
  3. Enter a title, e.g. ‘Level 1′
    Enter level title screenshot
  4. Click Publish, and you’re done!
    Publish button screenshot

Now that you’ve created your first training level, you’ll want to add some Resources for your users to study…

Create some Resources

  1. Go to the Resources section in Train-Up!
  2. You will be presented with a dropdown box. Select the Level that you want to add resources to.
    Manage resources dropdown screenshot
  3. Add as many pages as you wish.
  4. Visit the training level you made earlier, and now you will see a list of the resources you just made.
    Peruse resources screenshot

Congratulations, you just added some resources to a training level. Next, you’ll probably want to make some questions to test your users…

Create an e-learning test

  1. In WordPress, go the Level you made earlier. Notice the Meta Box (usually on the right hand side) titled ‘Relationships’. Click ‘Add test’.
    Level relationships meta box screenshot
  2. Save this test as a draft straight away, we’ll publish it later
  3. Underneath the Test’s WYSIWYG editor is a box titled Questions, ‘Click Add a new Question’ to create your first one.
    Questions metabox screenshot
  4. You will be presented with another editor, enter the question here. For now, lets just enter: ‘What is 1 + 2?’ as an example.
  5. Change the type of question from ‘Multiple Choice’ to ‘Single answer’ and enter the answer in the box underneath the editor.
    Question types metabox screenshot
  6. Publish your question
  7. Use the breadcrumbs at the top of the page to navigate back to the Test that this question is in.

You’ve now added 1 question to the test. Lets publish the test and take the test ourselves to see if it all works:

Try out your test!

  1. In WordPress, navigate to the Training Level you created earlier
  2. Click view to open the training level page on your site. You should be presented with a list of the resources to study.
  3. Navigate through the resources using the Prev and Next links.
    View example training resource screenshot
  4. Once you have been through all the resources you will be brought back to the training level page. You’re now ready to take the test. Click the link to view ‘the test’.
  5. You will be presented with the test page you made earlier. At this time, you have not started the test – you are only viewing it. (Like holding an exam paper in your hand). Click ‘start test’ and you will be taken to the first question in the test.
  6. Attempt to answer the question, click ‘Save my answer’. When you are ready, click Next to move to the next question.
    View example question screenshot
  7. We only added one question so you will be taken back to the Test’s front page. Because we are just trying out our test, lets just go ahead and submit our answers by clicking ‘Submit my answers’.
  8. A pop up will display confirming that you want to submit your answers
    Submit answers prompt screenshot
  9. You will be taken to a page that says whether or not you passed. A list of the answers you made and whether or not they were right or wrong will be shown underneath.

That’s all there is to it. Repeat the process – but next time, add more questions!

Things to note:

  • You can always come back to this test result page by going to your My Account > My Results page.
  • You can delete test results, it just means that they won’t show up on a users My Results page (their marks are still stored in the archive).
  • As an administrator your results are not visible in the Archive only Trainee’s results are shown in there.