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Free updates are available to users who have purchased Train-Up! Just enter your license number on the Settings page and the plugin will be updatable via WordPress (no need to manually upgrade).


2014-02-07 - version 1.1.23
  * Fix for admin title not displaying

2014-02-06 - version 1.1.22
  * Fix where looping over a Trainees archived answers could cause an error

2014-01-29 - version 1.1.21
  * Changed bulk add-to-group action to accept a group title as well as an ID

2014-01-28 - version 1.1.20
  * Added bulk action to add/remove users to/from a group by ID
  * Added post ID specific template overrides
  * Added the ability to programmatically load levels associated with a group

2013-12-17 - version 1.1.19
  * CSS improvements for WordPress 3.8

2013-11-21 - version 1.1.18
  * Bug fix with regards to auto-closing meta boxes

2013-11-17 - version 1.1.17
  * Added ability to save a response against attempted answers.
  * Added more filters to the archived_answers view
2013-10-13 - version 1.1.16
  * Added result_date shortcode
  * Slight alteration to built-in theme styles

2013-10-09 - version 1.1.15
  * Added trainee_last_name shortcode to test results post type
  * Potential fix for failing plugin-update affecting some users

2013-09-21 - version 1.1.14
  * Deprecated some label filters in favour of tu_form_label
  * Added redirect_to attribute on start/finish test shortcodes
  * Simplified the archived_answers view, and it is now filterable
  * Small update to form styles on built-in theme
  * Fix Question importer
  * Fix CSV exporter
  * AJAX answers now saved using XMLHttpRequest Level 2 (to allow for file uploads)

2013-08-20 - version 1.1.13
  * Some internationalisation fixes
  * Added Dutch translation

2013-08-17 - version 1.1.12
  * Added some more filters & actions, including the ability to automatically
    move to the next Question when pressing 'Save my answer'.

2013-08-15 - version 1.1.11
  * Added some more filters

2013-08-09 - version 1.1.10
  * Utilise TinCan API Registry
  * Added a couple missing localisation domains

2013-08-06 - version 1.1.9
  * Add number_of_sub_levels shortcode

2013-07-27 - version 1.1.8
  * Improve ranking code
  * Added more sortable columns to results post type
  * Added more filters, specifically for altering views.
  * Minor bug fixes around theming.

2013-07-16 - version 1.1.7
 * Minor bug fixes around theming.

2013-07-15 - version 1.1.6
 * Minor bug fixes around theming.

2013-07-11 - version 1.1.5
 * Added saving of duration of a Test for Tin Can Activities
 * Added hyperlink from archive pages through to Test and Trainee pages
 * Added a way to see which Trainees are currently taking a specific test
 * Fix overriding of existing theme post-thumbnails support

2013-06-27 - version 1.1.4
 * Added license checker

2013-06-25 - version 1.1.3
 * Added regular expression modifiers to Matches-Pattern questions
 * CSS tweaks to built-in theme for older browsers

2013-06-20 - version 1.1.2
 * Added frontend results table shortcodes

2013-06-18 - version 1.1.1
 * Added avatar to recent activity widget and improved query

2013-06-17 - version 1.1.0
  * Added some more filters for developers
  * Added login/sign-up by email address or username
  * Out of beta

2013-06-14 - version 1.0.31b
 * Added some more filters for developers

2013-06-13 - version 1.0.30b
 * More responsive arrow key controls for navigation through resources & questions

2013-06-13 - version 1.0.29b
 * Better support for Super Admins

2013-06-12 - version 1.0.28b
 * Hyperlink to Test Result posts from the Archive now works for draft test results.
 * Added minimum system requirements check
 * Tested in a multisite environment, couple of amends

2013-06-07 - version 1.0.27b
 * Fixed conflict with other plugins

2013-06-06 - version 1.0.26b
 * Users are redirected to the return_to value for a login url if they are already logged in
 * Group Managers can now only see the comments for the users they have access to
 * Added option to trim leading and trailing spaces from Trainee's attempted answers
 * Added arrow key controls for simple navigation through resources & questions
 * Added caching for custom SQL queries
 * Fixed test result posts overriding other post's titles
 * Fixed comments showing on Test Results where the user did not have access.

2013-06-03 - version 1.0.25b
 * Fixed administrators not receiving emails from comments
 * Fixed dashboard widget not showing the very latest attempts
 * Fixed strings being interpreted as greater than numbers in the single-answer question type
   * (also added ultra basic test suite to double check other single-answer types).
 * Fixed missing duration column from CSV download
 * Added links from avatars to user pages

2013-05-29 - version 1.0.24b
 * Added login_link shortcode and return_to attribute to login/logout shortcodes

2013-05-28 - version 1.0.23b
 * Train-Up! specific pages are now undeletable
 * Added earlier loading of version number from main plugin file, with caching
 * No longer shows tick or cross if the question cannot be automatically processed
   * (Essay question plugin was updated too)

2013-05-25 - version 1.0.21b
 * Add View button on post admin page
 * More resilient loading of Train-Up! specific pages, e.g. Pages::factory('Login')->post_title
 * Change Recent activity dashboard widget to only show results Group managers are allowed to see
 * Fix where Group managers might not have been able to see their own Test Results
 * Minor frontend style changes

2013-05-24 - version 1.0.20b
 * Moved addons outside of the Train-Up! plugin, as plugins in their own right
 * Removed post ID specific filters

2013-05-23 - version 1.0.19b
 * Added edit post links on the admin bar for all Train-Up! post types
 * Added auto upgrader

2013-05-22 - version 1.0.18b
 * Added latest activity dashboard widget
 * Better support for languages, specifically Chinese

2013-05-21 - version 1.0.17b
 * Added ability to assign a colour to each Group
 * Added duration column to Test Results archive
 * Added ability to change admin menu item title

2013-05-20 - version 1.0.16b
 * Added Test Result comment notification emails
 * Added ordering of archive columns
 * Fix for when a nested Level might not have been able to find its associated Test.

2013-05-17 - version 1.0.14b
 * Grades are always saved in ascending order
 * Test Results can now be commented on by default
 * Custom Question types now supported with Tin Can Statements

2013-05-16 - version 1.0.13b
 * Added ability to Reset a Test
 * Added a link to navigate from a Test Result to its associated Archive entry.

2013-05-15 - version 1.0.12b
 * Added ability to manipulate a Trainee's Test Result percentage
 * Added ability to set default Result post status on a per-test basis

2013-05-14 - version 1.0.11b
 * Added confirmation box before submitting answers to a Test
 * Made localised JavaScript filterable
 * Namespaced JavaScript events

2013-05-12 - version 1.0.10b
 * Removed time limit format option in favour of shortcode attribute

2013-05-11 - version 1.0.9b
 * Added time limited tests
 * Made regular expression Answer-checker case sensitive
 * Fixed Group Performance graph
 * Added test progress bar and shortcode

2013-05-08 - version 1.0.6b
 * An error template has been introduced to allow for custom themeing of errors
 * The Trainee Eligibility box now lists draft Tests
 * Minor changes to class names in the built-in theme
 * Added header links action to the built in theme

2013-05-02 - version 1.0.4b
 * Post type options are now filterable
 * Group Managers are now allowed to edit Result posts
 * Access to Levels (and their relations) can now be restricted depending on
   whether or not a Trainee has passed specific Tests.
 * Nicer error messages were re-introduced (phased out wp_die usage)
 * Fixed Group manager access filtering
 * Removed some internal caching
 * Switched from get_pages to get_posts
 * Added ability to have unlimited resits by entering -1
 * Added more miscellaneous filters for flexibility
 * Fixed JavaScript answer-checker tool when checking numeric values

2013-04-23 - version 0.9.9
 * Added option to save answers via AJAX
 * Fix bug where grade might not have been determined

2013-04-22 - version 0.9.8
 * Removed some occurrences of hard coded wp_ prefix
 * Added support for private pages
 * Corrected resource ordering (affected pagination)
 * Added better nesting of results on My Results page.

2013-04-20 - version 0.9.7
 * Added Moodle XML import of Questions.

2013-04-17 - version 0.9.6
 * Added French translation
 * Make fill-in-the-blanks questions case-insensitive

2013-04-17 - version 0.9.5
 * Added common wp_editor styles to front end style sheet
 * Bug fixes

2013-04-15 - version 0.9.2
 * Added add-on architecture
 * Added auto-migration functionality

2013-04-14 - version 0.9.1
 * Revert nice error pages from 0.8

2013-04-14 - version 0.9
 * Added CSV download of archived test results.
 * Localised date-time on results page.

2013-04-13 - version 0.8
 * Improved error pages.

2013-04-11 - version 0.7
 * Fix Result not showing a Trainee's latest results

2013-04-10 - version 0.6
 * Added ability to list resources associated with any level
 * Improved admin menu ordering.

2013-04-09 - version 0.5
 * Added setting to allow for periodic update checks
 * Added ability to set a default Result template

2013-04-05 - version 0.4
 * Added option to disable built-in theme
 * Added polyfills to the built-in theme for older browsers
 * Roles are now renamed according to your organisations naming conventions
 * Access to Resources can optionally be prevented during the taking of Tests.
 * Added shortcode to list sub-levels
 * Fix autocompletion in the backend
 * Fix Groups not being retrieved

2013-04-04 - version 0.3
 * Added version checker

2013-04-04 - version 0.2
* Featured images are now inherited by child posts
* Levels are now indented inside dropdown boxes to reflect their nesting
* Preliminary Tin Can API tracking added
* Tests now show their nesting, based on that of their associated Level.
* Dynamic post types now work if the post name is a duplicate
* The base redirect rule has been added, defaulting to /training

2013-31-03 - version 0.1
* First public release